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Rosemary Hines


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I have lived parallel careers over the past 20 years -- teaching and writing. God restored my dream of being a teacher three years after I began my new life with Him. My first teaching positions were in co-op preschools. After that, I began substitute teaching in a Christian elementary school. Soon I found myself with my own third grade class. Three years later, I made the leap to junior high and began a 15 year journey of teaching English.


Meanwhile, God had given me the story ideas for my three-novel series. In my spare time, I would write, attend conferences and writing groups, and seek possible publishers. I also wrote magazine articles and was published in Signs of the Times Magazine and Women's World. The first book I had published was a non-fiction book for teachers, parents, and Sunday school teachers called The Idea Book. It was published by Meriwether Publishers, Inc.


Now that I have retired from teaching, I mentor at risk girls at the local high school and am able to devote more time and energy to my writing. I am excited to have the opportunity to share the stories God has given me. It is my prayer that they will go far beyond simple entertainment and will touch lives with the message of God's limitless love and grace. If even one life is changed, one heart redirected from the cotton-candy of New Age to the solid rock of Christ, my heart will be filled with rejoicing!



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