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Out of a Dream 

by Rosemary Hines


Plagued by nightmarish dreams, Michelle is struggling to find her way, her spiritual calling. She is pulled in many directions. Should she follow her grandparent's traditional beliefs, her father's self-sufficient ways, or her new friends' mystic ideology? Michelle's story reflects the path many take in finding out what is real, what is truth. Michelle wants to waken Out of a Dream and begin living the solid truth in her life, if she can only find out what that really is. Her tale is easy to read and readers will likely see themselves somewhere in the account. The novel has likable characters and a real life feel to it, though nothing hard-hitting or gritty. According to the author's note, the writer has tried to put her own story out there for us all to learn from. The story flows along smoothly enough and has enough like-ability to move into the next phase of Michelle's story, Through the Tears.


© Stacey Kouba, 2012



Out of a Dream brought to mind why “a deep abiding faith” seems quite old fashioned to many individuals: this type of faith comes with trial and tribulation, time spent with God and sorrow, and finding one’s own path to conviction; and this takes time. It does not come easily, it is not discovered by the young and carefree.


Rosemary Hines is brave enough to share her own journey to faith with the reader through this fictional novel, substituting imaginary characters into real life situations and crisis. The subtle appeal of new-age philosophy was illuminating to me. The heartache of a family member’s suicide, and the calming, reassuring trust and devotion of loving grandparents was very close to home and struck a chord with me.


This book is a wonderful reminder to never quit searching. “Seek and ye shall find…”


Guest Reviewer.     2012



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