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Through the Tears 

by Rosemary Hines



Note:  This book picks up where "Out of a Dream" leaves off.  It is suggested that the books be read in sequence to understand the full scope of the storyline.



The second book of the Sandy Cove Series, Through the Tears, picks up where the first book left off. Except that the reader is hurtled ahead to an additional storyline by the prologue. I did not like that much of the story given away before I ever got into it; in fact, I checked to make sure I was reading the right book! Other than that, I have enjoyed reading about Michelle and her all too real struggle to come to terms with God and to cement her faith in every day life. This story deals with actual struggles that many people face. And while it's not as intense in the story, the reader can imagine the heartaches and joys that face Michelle and those around her. So far, this series is easy to read and engages the reader in the characters' lives and minds, allowing the reader to recognize his or her own struggles in those reflected by the characters' lives.


© Stacey Kouba, 2012


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