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Into Magnolia 

by Rosemary Hines


Into Magnolia is the third installation of Rosemary Hines' Sandy Cove series.  I find again Michelle's life path intersecting with my own experience.   This may "shade" my view of the story and characters.  I was drawn into the complex circumstances and emotions of the characters and their lives.  Ms. Hines was very candid and honest in her dipiction of the turmoil that surrounds foster and adoptive parenting.  I appreciated the author's insights into every characters' struggles and heartaches.   I appreciated the avoidance of "a bad guy" that caused all the problems.   Struggle and heartache are a part of life, and we all have to deal with them in our own way, and our own time.  I prefer leaning on Divine Power, but not everyone has that inclination.


I do not believe in "happily ever after," but I do believe "that all things work together for good...,"  and I trust completely in the providence of God.  Rosemary Hines brought this to life in her newest novel.


Guest Reviewer.     2013


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