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A Walk In the Thai Sun 

by G. J. C. McKitrick


A Walk in the Thai Sun is an intriguing look at the providence of God and how He uses people, even non-believers, to accomplish His Purpose in this world. The plot is absorbing and the characters are captivating, making this an enthralling and entertaining read.  Mr. McKitrick’s style is enjoyable and gratifying.  The reader has the feeling of experiencing the setting and meeting the characters personally, while maintaining a solid sense of reality.  Perhaps the authenticity of the storyline is not in the narrative so much as in the “journey of questioning.”   Most of us have had to work through many struggles with our own convictions and beliefs; but the deepest verdicts often are born when truth finds us, rather than our finding whatever we thought we were looking for.


I thoroughly enjoyed A Walk in the Thai Sun, and look forward to more from Mr. McKitrick.


Guest Reviewer.     2014

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