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The Triumph of Deborah 

by Eva Etzioni-Halevy


Review by Linda Phillips , originally posted at Fill in the Gaps blogspot:


The richly imagined tale of Deborah, the courageous Biblical warrior who saved her people from certain destruction:


Filled with brilliantly vivid historical detail, The Triumph of Deborah is the absorbing and riveting tale of one of the most beloved figures in the Old Testament, and a tribute to feminine strength and independence.


I mostly chose to read this book in the hopes that it would be as good as The Red Tent. Sadly it was not but it as still very enjoyable.  I knew nothing about Deborah before reading this book. But after reading the book and this short article on Wikipedia, I feel know a little more about her story. But the book does not focus only on Deborah. We also learn about Barak and the women in his life. It kind of felt like a biblical Harlequin romance novel. He loves her, she loves someone else, someone else loves him. It was difficult to keep people partners straight sometimes. But the story was engaging. Recommend for those who enjoy biblical fiction and romance. 



Read the complete review at Linda Phillips


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