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The Shoes of the Fisherman 

by Morris West


From "Intersections in Reading"

I usually read several books at a time, and I always love it when the various books I am reading intersect in my experiences with them. Those intersections in my mind are rarely as interesting as the one Pinhole reported to his sophomore class, but still, they are fun for me.

Recently, I have been reading The Shoes of the Fisherman, by Morris West. His best known work is probably Devil’s Advocate, thanks to the film version of the story, starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. The Shoes of the Fisherman was, for me, heavy going, and a very slow read. That doesn’t mean that it was not enjoyable — it was — but just that it was something that took a while to get through and to absorb.


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From "Recommended Reading: THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN"

Just finished up with Morris West's 1963 novel The Shoes of the Fisherman. It was slow reading, but I enjoyed it very much. It is not a book heavy on plot, really, but more on ideas. The majority of its appeal, for me, was intellectual. But, having said that, the appeal was still very much there.

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