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The Oath 

by Frank Peretti


From "A Horror Story so Well-Written You Can Smell It"
For many people, the whole genre of horror, with its gore and darkness, is an unholy thing unfit for good Christian folk to trifle with. Just as many fall on the other side of the question, ranking Christianity itself as the biggest horror story of all time. One way or another, it is hard to deny that Frank Peretti, one of the most successful authors of "Christian fiction" this generation has seen, broke serious ground with his writing a couple of decades ago.  
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From "Book Review:  The Oath by Frank Peretti"
A college professor turns investigator after his brother is mauled to death. The popular suspect in the nearby town of Hyde River is a hungry grizzly. The professor, Steve Benson, specializes in bears. To his surprise, the evidence casts doubt on the bear theory. When Steve decides to stick around Hyde River to unearth the truth, he finds more than he expected. The citizens of Hyde River keep some old secrets, and they will take extreme measures to keep those secrets private from outsiders. 
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From "The Oath by Frank Peretti"
“The Oath” by Frank Peretti is a Christian novel that can be described as a supernatural thriller with elements of horror. Steve Benson, a wildlife biologist, comes to the small town of Hyde River after he’s been informed of his brother’s death. Supposedly, his brother was killed by a bear during a camping trip. Steve, however, quickly notices that things don’t add up.
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