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The Heart's Frontier 

by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith



When the Amish Switzer family is attacked by robbers on the prairie, Emma Switzer loses everything she owns. But in her family’s search for help, love lands right at her feet.

All tied up in a pretty little bow, right? Hardly.

Luke Carson is a cowboy. Emma is Plain. How can they possibly find a common path?

They have one week to find out.

The Heart’s Frontier is one of the most compelling western romances I’ve ever read. The authors wove fun and laughter into the storyline, along with all the ruggedness and dangers of the frontier—specifically, the famous Chisholm Trail.

Wonderfully well drawn and diverse characters make for a breathtaking ride on this unusual cattle drive. Emma’s acid-tongued grandmother, soft-spoken Papa, and lovesick little sister stand their ground with humorous aplomb amongst Luke’s collection of die-hard cowhands. Watching two proper Amish lasses learn to rope and ride ensures moments of thigh-slapping humor, but also delivers unexpected touches of heart-ripping angst. Getting a peek into the possible sacrifices their actions might set in motion forces the reader to wonder whether to root for Luke and Emma to be together…or pray they find love elsewhere.

This is Amish-meets-Wild West at its hoof-thundering, heart pounding, Plain old best.

Can’t wait for the next offering in The Amish of Apple Grove series.



Reviewed by Delia Latham


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