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The Follies of Haven Island 

by Brady Hardin


Brady Hardin has written for television and internet. ”The Follies of Haven Island” is his first novel, though he has been writing fiction since he was a boy. This allegorical adventure is entertaining and fun, but pointedly exposes man’s tendency to allow society to shape his values and principles, and eventually to alter his deepest convictions. As individuals’ ideals are altered, truth and reality are questioned.

Mr. Hardin’s previous experience in writing for TV and internet are evident in this first attempt at a novel. There were some instances when a more detailed description or explanation would have been very effective. In television, you can depend on visuals, facial expressions, etc. to add to the intensity of a situation, or further clarify circumstances.

That being said, this novel will probably be very appealing to younger readers, who appreciate more action and less “wordiness.” The characters are engaging and the story is exciting. I appreciate a gospel message that can attract a younger audience. This may be the new wave of future Christian fiction writing. 


Guest Reviewer.     2013

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