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by Sharon Srock


The second book in The Women of Valley View continues the story of four women and the people around them. While they are normal, everyday women living in normal, everyday situations, they strive to put God first in their lives and influence the people around them to make the world a better place.


The second installment, Terri, is another easy read that draws the reader into the lives of these women. While everything seems to go well for these women and everything turns out with a rather quick happy ending, the story does contain enough real-world tough situations to make it mostly believable. The story moves along quickly and is an overall enjoyable read. I got a real kick out of the last line in the story.


© Stacey Kouba, 2013



Read more about Garfield, OK, a fictional spot that is further fleshed out at the blog, where you can find ongoing tales about the women at the Valley View Church in Garfield.


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