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Safely Home 

by Randy Alcorn


Safely Home is a novel about our current spiritual culture, from several different perspectives.  It views the persecution of Christians from differing cultural ideals, and from different realms.  This is a very chilling, very moving, and very disturbing story.  I will never feel the same about Christmas tree lights again.

A successful business executive takes his Christian faith for granted and loses everything, until he is thrust in the midst of his friend's world, where Christian faith is a risk that few dare to take.  Both men discover what it would be like to live and die for a faith that will last for eternity. 

The choices of each man in regard to his human situation will eventually determine each one's spiritual destiny, as well as the destiny of their families.  We are given a glimpse of the sprititual warfare that involves each man, and the results for future generations and eternity.


Guest Reviewer.     2009



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