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R. E. Bartlett

From a Marchlord Press interview -


         R. E. Bartlett was born in the South Island of New Zealand. She now lives in the North Island, not far from a dormant volcano. Over the years her pets have included a hyperactive Dobermann, a loudmouth Siamese cat, a silly goat, and a wacky duck, but she pays little attention to what is said about pets being like their owners.

        R.E. Bartlett: "I live in the North Island of New Zealand in a dairy-farming region. Although I’ve been a townie for most of my life, I love being out in the country. The cow smell has taken a bit of getting used to, but we won’t go into that!

        I’ve been writing for around ten years, honing my craft and trying to keep up with all the different ideas that beetle around in my brain. I consider myself to be a fantasy writer who does sci-fi on the side, so I find it odd that my sci-fi stories are being published first."


Read more at or visit her web site at R. E. Bartlett





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