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Piercing the Darkness 

by Frank Peretti


Piercing the Darkness is a follow-on novel to Peretti's earlier This Present Darkness. In it, the same sort of spiritual warfare depicted in the earlier book continues, this time centered around Sally Beth Roe in the farming community of Bacon's Corner. Like This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness is a real page-turner, and also challengingly thought-provoking. It also addresses similar themes, such as the battles between the cosmic forces of good and evil, how that battle is played out in each and every human community, and how the prayers of faithful humans fits into this grander battle.


Peretti is an outstanding writer, with every page screaming to be turned. He packs a lot of action in each novel, and can really grip the reader by the throat, not letting go until the end is reached. His work is an excellent example of how engaging and entertaining a top-notch work of Christian fiction can be.


Read This Present Darkness first. When you're done, I am sure you'll want to dive straight into Piercing the Darkness. And to make it even better, the sequel won't disappoint.


© Shelly Bryant, 2012


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