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by Sharon Srock


Sharon Srock’s latest addition to her series, The Women of Valley View, is definitely her best work. As always, the author’s characters are endearing and the plot is compelling. Srock handles difficult topics frankly and candidly, with straightforward honesty, but not without compassion and gentleness.


The reader will identify with Pam’s profound pain and deep scars, and her struggle with genuine forgiveness. The open, honest confrontation with one’s own character is often more painful than the original wound. But it always draws one closer to God. Carrying the weight of unforgiveness for another can destroy a life, a family, a church and always draws one further from God.


This story of the beautiful healing power of forgiveness will fill your heart, lift your spirit and, hopefully, inspire your life – to more forgiveness. 


 Reviewed by Chris @ 2014

Read more about Garfield, OK, a fictional spot that is further fleshed out at the blog, where you can find ongoing tales about the women at the Valley View Church in Garfield. 


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