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Michael Phillips



Michael Phillips has spent a good deal of time reviving the work of 19th Century author George MacDonald, but he is also a prolific writer in his own right, having authored numerous works of historical fiction. Phillips is himself descended from Scottish royalty, so perhaps his interest in the writing of MacDonald should not be surprising (though, like many other readers, he came to MacDonald via Irish-born writer C. S. Lewis). He became interested in MacDonald's work in the 1970s, and when he found how difficult it was to attain the works of the older novelist, began the long task of reviving interest in the Scottish author's writing. The work he put into editing MacDonald's novels in a way to suit them better to the tastes of modern audiences has successfully raised interest in MacDonald's writing for a new generation of readers.

Phillips's own novels are richly layered, and often treat Scottish and British history and legends. His The Livingstone Chronicles is something of a departure, choosing instead to follow the adventures of archaeologist Adam Livingstone as he explores the truth (or otherwise) behind the events recorded in the Bible. All of the novels Phillips has brought about, whether concerned with myths, adventures, or history, have a depth to them that is both engaging and challenging. 




Pinnacles of Power
Rift in Time
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