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Material Witness

by Vanetta Chapman



Material Witness is the third in a series of mysteries set in the mainly Amish town of Shipshewana. The setting and the characters are all quaint, and the twists and turns of the mystery always remain somehow feeling as safe for our main characters as they are intriguing in terms of finding out the "whodunit" at the end. If you think of Jessica Fletcher or Father Brown, you'll have a pretty good feel for Callie and the other characters in Material Witness.


Material Witness begins with a young Amish boy confined to a wheelchair witnessing a murder. That's pretty much where the similarity with The Witness ends, as this book fits more nicely under the cozy mystery label than a thriller. The Amish setting of the novel makes for some interesting twists to the story. I particularly like that the "Amish-ness" is not so much the main focus, but is treated as part of the fabric of the tale rather than something to be foregrounded too much.


Material Witness is the third book in the series, but it works well read as a standalone novel. (I know, because it's the first I read in the series.) It is a pretty quick read, and makes for an entertaining way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.





© Shelly Bryant, 2012


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