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Mark: Eyewitness

by Ellen Gunderson Traylor



Ellen Gunderson Traylor's novelization of the story of the gospel writer, Mark, begins where his own writings end, with Passion Week. As the son of a Roman statesman, Mark's place in Jerusalem's life is vastly different from that of Jesus and the other men who took their Passover meal in the upper room of Mark's family home. When he encounters Jesus, tha man who everyone in Jerusalem has been talking about, Mark's life changes forever.


About two thirds of Mark: Eyewitness focuses on the period of time from the crucifixion through the ascension. Like Mark's gospel, Traylor's telling of the young man's story focuses on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. It depicts Mark's encounters with the Messiah and his view of the early days of the church.


The final third of the novel tells of Mark's role in the split between Paul and Barnabas, and of his later reconciliation with Paul. It is a fast-paced, engaging read. Like all of Traylor's novelizations of Bible stories, I recommend it highly.


 Reviewed by Shelly Bryant © 2015


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