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Joshua in the City 

by Joseph Girzone


Joshua has done some traveling of the world. He's been in several different countries since the beginning of the Joshua series, and in this fourth book, he's brought close to home for many American readers. In Joshua in the City, issues such as AIDS, racism, violence, and poverty are addressed. Joshua faces them, and sets for us a parable of how Jesus might live in the face of these problems that are right in the center of every one of our cities today. And in reading that parable, we can't help but think of how we might have fallen short of the mark set for us by this modern-day incarnation of the Lord, walking on our streets, living in our world.


Joshua's message in the city is simple. He speaks of renewal. He speaks of love. He addresses economic revitalization. His healing message is addressed to those problems that aren't going to be solved simply by throwing more money their way, but only by true, active compassion. His message, as ever, is one of peace and understanding. In the face of doubt, he offers hope. He turns to the cold, hard life of the streets, and offers warmth and sincere concern.


The only reason not to read this book, and the others in the series, is that it is not about doing things the easy way. It is about doing things the Christian way.


Reviewed by Shelly Bryant 2010





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