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by Joseph Girzone


All of Joseph Girzone's books in the Joshua series are modern-day parables. Joshua is the first. It explores what would happen if Jesus lived in the world today, setting the incarnation in our world now. It is, then, instructive for those who claim to live as followers of Jesus. How closely do the lives of the followers resemble that of what the master might look like if he lived today? That question seems to be raised over and over in the books, and is perhaps hardest to face when the professed followers of Christ in the stories act quite terribly toward Joshua, the modern-day Christ in the books.


In the first book of the series, we see Joshua living in a small cabin on the edge of town. He produces high quality work for low prices, working hard all day. He often does the unexpected. He interacts amicably with his neighbors. He lives a life of simplicity, but without ever seeming to be out of touch with those around him. He is responsible in his work, in his citizenship, and in his relationships. No wonder so many people hate him.


Joshua (and the other books that follow in the series) is a thought-provoking read. It is easy to get through the book, but quite challenging to think through the ideas presented there. It is a book easily recommended, and not just for a single reading.


Reviewed by Shelly Bryant 2010



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