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James Blish

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       James Benjamin Blish (East Orange, New Jersey, May 23, 1921 – Henley-on-Thames, July 30, 1975) was an American author of fantasy and science fiction. Blish also wrote literary criticism of science fiction using the pen-name William Atheling Jr.

Blish trained as a biologist at Rutgers and Columbia University, and spent 1942–1944 as a medical technician in the U.S. Army. After the war he became the science editor for the Pfizer pharmaceutical company. His first published story appeared in 1940, and his writing career progressed until he gave up his job to become a professional writer.


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James Blish was a veteran of many world-shaking events, having served in roles as diverse as medical technician in World War II and writer of screenplays for the original Star Trekseries.  He joined the Futurians, a group of science fiction writers, fans, editors and publishers, and eventually won the prestigious Hugo Award for his novel A Case of Conscience in 1959.  Blish's death in 1975 marked the end of a bright mind, one often applied to questions of religion through the medium of science fiction.

A Case of Conscience

Surface Tension


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