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I Shall Not Want 

by Debbie Viguie'


From "My Book Bag"


I Shall Not Want is the second book in the Psalm 23 Mysteries. It offers a touch of humor, a hint of romance, a suggestion of religion, and a large serving of suspense. Ms. Viguié knows how to plant a clue. She’s obviously familiar with what makes a mystery mysterious. What she finally reveals is an ingenious new spin on an all-too-familiar crime.


Having missed Book One in this series, I was relieved to find that this story works well on it own. Viguié does a good job of drawing the reader in, and making him/her a part of the story. A distinctive writing voice, delivered with wit and sensitivity, make for an interesting, easy-to-read storyline. She handles an often controversial subject with delicacy and humor, while still managing to shine a light on the hardships of living on the street. Nicely done



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