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Hearts Key 

by Marianne Evans



I read this book out of sequence in the series, but that little error in no way lessened my enjoyment of the story.


Having watched Tyler Brock and Amy Maxwell tiptoe around their feelings for each other inHeart’s Surrender, I was pleased to revisit this couple in the heartwarming finale to the Woodland Series.


Amy’s abusive marital situation bursts into existence from the first page. Her courage in the last moments of that mistaken union puts the reader firmly on her side, and longing for something better for her and her adorable little girl, Pyper. When Tyler, now a rapidly rising Christian music artist, re-enters Amy’s life, the sparks from five years earlier burst into flame.

This author has an incredible insight into human emotion, and what makes people tick. She makes it easy to feel Amy’s hesitation about entering Tyler’s Nashville-colored world, and her simultaneous longing to be with him, wherever he is. Little Pyper’s heart-breaking fear of men, fostered by her father’s shameful abuse, is poignantly painted and beautifully handled. Tyler’s constant and undying love for Amy, his gentleness with Pyper, his consecration to Christ…he’s a beautiful picture of Christian dedication and true love in its purest form.


Once again, I am utterly “wowed” by a Marianne Evans novel. Evans knows how to write, and how to keep readers reading. Absolutely, unequivocally, unconditionally, without question…recommended!

Delia Latham @ 2012
Author of the Solomon's Gate Series


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