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by Delia Latham




I need to … update my vocabulary in order to do justice to this book! Never have I read anything quite like it! This is the most unbelievable story I have ever read. There is no way anyone could possibly match Ms. Delia Latham’s expertise in her details. I could not stop reading; it was that mind-boggling. I could not wait to turn the page. This book is bound for greatness…it should be seen on all the top-seller lists.


Reviewer: Brenda Talleyfor The Romance Studio

The best part of reading Goldeneyes was just when you think the ending of the story is predictable, Miss Latham shocks you and tempts you to read further. This book is definitely a page turner and a very easy and compelling read.


Reviewer: Maisha Walkerfor The Road to Romance

It's as if each word in the story has its own color, and as you read it, a brilliant picture is being painted on a blank canvas, leaving a masterpiece in the mind long after you're finished. This is a must read, don’t miss out, this book has so much heart and soul it lives in itself. Wonderful read!


Reviewer: Tabithafor Ghostwriter Literary Reviews

…an amazing storyline and so many twists and turns one is left wanting more. (Mrs. Latham) takes having a secret to a whole new level. Goldeneyes is a story that book lovers should put at the top of their reading list.


Reviewer: Matildafor Coffee Time Romance

A beautiful story of love, faith, and redemption, Goldeneyes will surprise and inspire until the last page. Delia Latham brings her setting and characters alive with heart and compassion. Warm and endearing, this is one book you won’t want to put down.


Teresa SlackAuthor of Evidence of Grace, Redemption's Song, Streams of Mercy (Jenna's Creek Series)

Just when you think you’ve unraveled all the relational mysteries, this masterful story teller surprises you with another knot at the end. It is a must read, page-turner.


Bonnie WintersAuthor of Daughter of Lot

Goldeneyes is a wonderfully intricate story of love, redemption and surprise. While romance propels the plot, the search for identity is also woven into this well balanced tale of faith and destiny. Inspirational on many levels, you'll enjoy trying to outguess the author to solve the mysteries evolving from the first one.


Teryl CartwrightAuthor of A Sensible Match and Courting Constance 


Delia Latham's novel Goldeneyes covers the wide open territory of family ties and broken relationships, along with a good dose of memories (good and bad), the damage a bad decision can do to a family, and the healing power of forgiveness. As with all of Latham's novels, it's a well-written tale that makes for an easy read on a quiet evening.


I'm always a sucker for stories of reconciliation, and Goldeneyes has it in spades. If you're looking for a page-turner of a romance and a family drama with the light touch and good humor that Latham brings to all of her writing, then Goldeneyes should be just the thing for you.


Reviewed by Shelly Bryant @ 2012



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