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Forgotten Road 

by Randall Arthur



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This book follows Cole Michaels on a physical and spiritual journey. Cole starts the novel as a family man, who is a firm believer in the American Theology version of God – that is, a God who blesses his children with wealth and health if they are true believers. During the course of the novel, we see Cole struggle through losses of family and friends. These struggles lead to a crisis of faith, which culminates in a deeper and more complete understanding of God’s love and power. As the book ends, we see the culmination of Cole’s learning and growth in God’s Word. The story was a glimpse into the spiritual journey of Cole Matthews, one that started from an emotionally and spiritually shallow place and deepened through the novel.


The action throughout the book made the book hard to put down. I definitely enjoyed the journey with Cole Michaels. The relationships Cole shared with his study partners, pastors, and friends are models for relationships within the church.


I heartily recommend this book to those who are looking for a book that will cause you to think, to evaluate a relationship with a mentor, and to seek and deeper understanding of God’s purpose for us. 

© Daesha Cuttrell, 2013



Forgotten Road is an easy to read Christian novel which causes Christians to re-think some of the teachings they have heard. It sends out a call to be different from the world, to look at things in a new perspective. The dialog does contain some slang language that the most conservative Christian might find unsuitable but nothing you would not hear in a day's conversation with many people.


Although the back cover states there is "no fairy tale Christianity here" I found that some of the story does indeed contain aspects of life that I find to be a fairy tale. The story is easy to read and put together well. The author does a good job of tying up the details of character's and their lives.


This is a book with a happy ending, though it was only achieved through much heartache. It is a story that just might inspire many people to take a look at their life and consider any forgotten roads they may have overlooked.

 © Stacey Kouba, 2012



According to Randall Arthur, "in spite of a grand pantheon of Christian words and ideas, most westerners, it seemed, lived by fear, not by faith." His latest novel explores and investigates what it would mean to abandon the lies and fears of our modern life style:
 "He really wants me to walk this forgotten road, doesn't he? 
 He wants me to travel farther down this road than I have ever dreamt I could possibly go.

 Am I willing to abandon my selfish ambitions, my comforts, and my life for His name's sake?

 I cannot deny that I am keenly more alive when I venture even the slightest distance down this road."

 In Forgotten Road, the author takes us on a journey of life tragedies and spiritual growth. The characters are compelling, the plot is intriguing and the story telling is powerful. 

 This is not "light reading." It demands thought and introspection. It is rich in scripture and spiritual insight without being "too preachy." The Biblical quotes and lessons do not seem artificial, forced, or manipulated. The complete narrative flows with authenticity and faithfulness to the story and to the characters.

Forgotten Road is the most captivating novel I have read in a very long time. It is so well written that you are immediately caught up in the lives of the characters, and absorbed in their struggles, griefs and heartaches. My own "forgotten road" does not demand the sacrifice of an astounding career, nor the termination of an intimate relationship, nor the purchase of a motorcycle for the adventure ahead; but it does demand more faith and childlike trust, and a servant heart. I plan to find the other titles by this author.



Guest Reviewer.     2012



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