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Anne Greene


From White Rose Publishing's Meet the Author -


Anne Greene writes historical and suspense novels. She's of Scotch ancestry of Clan Gunn. When she's not deployed with her husband, she makes her home in McKinney, Texas. She has four children. Tim LaHaye led her to the Lord when she was twenty-one and Chuck Swindoll is her Pastor. Anne loves to travel and has visited twenty-four foreign countries.  At present Anne is in Seoul, South Korea, serving her country with her hero husband, Larry, an active-duty Colonel in the Army Special Forces. Anne is known in Urbana, Ohio as Willy Thomas; in San Diego, California as Anne Swonger; and in Texas, the military and to most of her readers as Anne Greene. However, readers of her book Trail of Tears know Anne as W.A. Swonger. Don Swonger, of Dallas Theological Seminary is her late husband. Anne graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Literary Studies.



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