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Read reviews of Christian fiction here. 


You'll find suggestions of good reading by Christian authors and books that are of interest to Christian readers.


Christian Fiction Shop welcomes input from a variety of readers (not just Christian readers). If you would like to offer your thoughts, you can contact us to submit your review for consideration. Our administrators will consider all submissions for inclusion on the site. (Not all reviews will be posted. We do not welcome hate speech, profanity, or things of that nature.)


If you have a book you would like us to review, send your suggestions our way. We have received many suggestions of titles from our readers, and even from book authors who are looking for honest opinions about their work. We will be happy to review any work submitted, offering our views on the merits of the book, as well as areas that don't quite work for us. We hope that our reviews will be helpful to readers who are looking out for new titles to add to their libraries.


Feel free to browse around. We hope you'll find something you like.


And thanks for stopping by!


– The Christian Fiction Shop

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